Wednesday, 1 July 2009

T-Mobile reduce divert charges

T-Mobile have listened to HulloMail's users and reduced their UK divert charges.

T-Mobile was the only major UK network not to include diverts to geographic numbers in their inclusive minutes.

The operator’s customers were charged five pence per minute more to use HulloMail than they were to use T-Mobile’s traditional voice prompt system. Thanks to our customers' lobbying, T-Mobile reduced their price - HulloMail's service can now be included in bundled 'free' minutes.

Existing T-Mobile subscribers to our service without an 03 divert number should have already received an email with a new number - the rest of you don't need to do a thing.

1 comment:

IJMacD said...

This is great news! I didn't even know I would be charged but now I'm using HulloMail it's great that I'm not!

Fantastic service by the way.