Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Shortlisted for Innovative App Award

We're proud to announce we have been selected as a finalist for the 2010 Meffys Awards, in the ‘Innovative App’ category.  The awards, which recognise global brands, dynamic start-ups and visionary individuals in the mobile entertainment and media industry, will announce the winners, 21st June 2010.

We launched a consumer service a year ago and are revolutionising the way people use voicemail by developing the most innovative and user-friendly ways to send, manage and share day-to-day voice communications. We are selected as a finalist for the ‘Innovative App’ category, which celebrates technical and creative innovation, UI design and quality of experience, in addition to taking into consideration how the new technology adds value for the consumer.

Commenting on the news that we've been selected as a finalist, Andy Munarriz, our founder and CEO, said: “The Meffys is a highly regarded event in the mobile industry’s calendar, and we’re extremely excited to have been shortlisted for an award. The news comes only a few weeks after also being nominated for the Red Herring 100 Europe Award, so we are very pleased to be receiving such recognition for our innovative voicemail and voice messaging applications.  It’s certainly an exciting year for us at HulloMail as we continue to develop and expand.”

The winners will be announced at a gala evening reception, 21st June 2010, at the Great Connaught Rooms in London.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

HulloMail™ launches Hullo technology for Android phones with its latest release

We are pleased to announce the launch of our version 2.2 Android app. The enhanced app builds on the existing voicemail and features the new Hullo instant voice messaging technology, which has already been a big hit with our iPhone and BlackBerry users. 

‘Hullos’ are short voice messages that enable users to reply to a voicemail or to send new instant voice messages without having to make a phone call.  As a HulloMail subscriber, most Android Smartphone users can now enjoy this powerful two-way digital messaging capability free of charge, both locally and overseas*, when they download the enhanced HulloMail app.  

Andy Munarriz, our founder & CEO, said: “Our goal at HulloMail is focused on building out voicemail into two way voice messaging. We are driven by impulses to speak. All modes of communication have their uses but voice is still up there as one of the clearest, if not the clearest form of communication. Hullos streamline voice messaging for the SmartPhone generation making voice as simple as texting or emailing.” 

In addition to incorporating Hullos, the Android app also offers users the option to display missed calls, the opportunity to copy messages directly to registered email addresses and also the ability to access existing messages whilst offline. The service continues to offer unique message syncing capabilities with email compliant accounts, such as Gmail. 

The HulloMail Android app is currently available to both UK and US users and can be downloaded for free from the HulloMail Web site at www.hullomail.com or from the Android marketplace. 

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Awards, Awards, Awards

It's turning into a great month here at HulloMail. We ended April and began May with our BlackBerry App being featured app on BlackBerry App World, which resulted in a surge in registrations especially from our 83xx and 85xx users.
We're pleased to announce we've been selected as a finalist for the Red Herring 100 Europe Awards, which honours the 100 most innovative and promising technology start-ups from across Europe.
Red Herring analysed hundreds of cutting-edge companies and technologies and selected those who they felt are positioned to grow at an explosive rate. The resulting two hundred finalists have been invited to attend an Awards dinner in Paris, France on 27 May 2010, where the Top 100 winners will be announced.
Andy Munarriz, our founder and CEO: “Since we launched HulloMail to consumers a year ago, we have seen a massive increase in appetite and downloads of our apps for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone. Ultimately, we have created a service that suits the way people want to interact today – quickly, without fuss and, ideally, for free. Therefore, to be recognised by Red Herring as one of the most innovative technology start-ups is amazing and I look forward to hearing the outcome of the Awards on 27 May.”
"This year was especially difficult," said Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring. "Despite the global economic situation, there were many great companies producing really innovative and amazing products that we had a difficult time narrowing the pool and selecting the finalists. HulloMail shows great promise therefore deserves to be among the Finalists. Now we’re faced with the difficult task of selecting the Top 100 winners of Red Herring Europe award. We know that this year’s crop will grow into some amazing companies that are sure to go far."
Wish us luck next week!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Future of Voicemail - sponsored by HulloMail

As posted by Ewan this morning, the Future of Voicemail Video Series is coming soon to Mobile Industry Review, which HulloMail are happy to sponsor.
Ewan approached us about the series, as he had for a long time been pondering the possibilities of the medium of voicemail, which he felt had been over looked for years.  We all rely on it daily and according to a recent article in The Times, us Brits alone spend more than 25 billion minutes each year leaving or listening to voicemail.  Which begs the question why do so many of us put up with the archaic service we've had for years.
This question and more we will aim to answer through the upcoming Future of Voicemail Video Series.
The format will be this: Ewan will be interviewing five leading minds in the mobile and technology field on camera over the next few weeks. He'll be asking them to comment on the history of the industry, the technology in use today and to speculate on what they see as the next steps for the medium. We're aiming for one video each week, starting in the next few weeks.

If you’ve any questions, drop Ewan a note: ewan@mobileindustryreview.com.
Watch this space for some behind the scenes exclusive insights.