Thursday, 28 October 2010

We took voicemail to facebook for Android now we've done it again with iPhone!

Just two weeks after launching the Facebook share feature on the Android app, we've today announced we've extended this new feature to the iPhone.
Our iPhone users can, for the first time, easily share voicemails directly onto their Facebook wall from within the app. The messages can either be a voicemail that has been received from a contact or a Hullo (an instant voice message), which can be recorded and immediately posted onto the popular social networking site for friends to hear. 
The Facebook Share feature is an extremely quick and easy way to share inbound and outbound voice messages with friends so they can hear an important update or a classic message.  It also offers a new way to keep in touch with friends online; now, instead of simply reading status updates, users can listen to what friends have to say and, in turn, hear their tone of voice, expression, humour, sarcasm etc. 
Andy Munarriz, our founder and CEO, said: “With the introduction of our Facebook Share feature for the iPhone app, we are offering a completely new way for users to share voicemails and voice messages with their Facebook friends. It adds a completely new and fun dimension to both voicemail and the social networking experience. Next time a priceless voicemail is received, both our iPhone and Android users now have the option to instantly share it on their Facebook page for their friends to enjoy. I believe that voicemail will never be the same again.”
The new facebook share feature is included in version 1.2, which is available to download now via iTunes today!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

And We're Live!

We're pleased to announced the launch of HulloMail in Ireland. For the first time, smartphone users across Ireland can now download our free voicemail and voice messaging application that offers a modern replacement to network operator’s traditional voicemail service: We've launched our smart voicemail app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices, providing a completely new approach to accessing, managing and sending voice messages, today!
“Have you ever been really frustrated with the standard voicemail offering from your Mobile Operator, or wished you could access your voicemails faster from your mobile, email or via the web? Well, HulloMail now allows Irish smartphone users a way to get more from both their phone and voicemail; it has all the features you would expect from a voicemail service plus so much more,” said Andy Munarriz, our founder and CEO, HulloMail. “Its great to be launching in Ireland and I encourage smartphone users to visit their app store today and download HulloMail for free.”
Recently, we've introduced Facebook Share to the Android app, this feature will also be able for the iPhone shortly. For the first time, Our users can now share voicemails and instant voice messages directly onto their Facebook wall at the press of a button from within the mobile app, creating an easy way to quickly share priceless messages with Facebook friends.
Concludes Andy, “After nearly 20 years of voicemail doing the same old job, we're pleased to be at the forefront of introducing something completely new for the 21st century. People have moved on and now expect voicemail to be as flexible as any other form of digital communications and that is exactly the experience that HulloMail provides to mobile users across the UK, USA and now Ireland.”
Our mobile apps are easy to install and work with your existing mobile phone number and operator, meaning there is no requirement to change numbers or be given another.
Think we might go and have a couple of pints of Guinness to celebrate!

And finally, a big thanks to all our testers in Ireland that provided us with some great feedback.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

HulloMail now allows you to share voicemails and Hullos with your facebook friends!

We are please to announced the launch of version 3.0 of our Android application, which sees the introduction of a number of major new updates to this popular smart voicemail and instant voice messaging app.
For the first time, our users can now share voicemails and instant voice messages directly onto their Facebook wall from within the app at the press of a button. Friends can then listen to the message in a click on Facebook. This feature provides a more personal way to keep in contact with friends, by allowing them to hear tone of voice and real emotion instead of simply reading text-based posts.  Every had an hilarious voicemail you've wanted to share with friends?  Well, now you can.
Andy Munarriz, our founder and CEO, said: “We have made it really easy to share voicemails and voice messages directly with Facebook, adding a completely new dimension to voicemail and the social networking experience. Next time you get a priceless voicemail, you can share it with your Facebook wall immediately; I think we might even be the first on the planet to make it this easy! Voicemail will never be the same again. Our latest Android app is the first to have this ability; it has also been re-worked from the ground up and is now a faster and more polished experience.”
The ability to share on facebook is a configurable option, so you can turn this ON or OFF depending on your preference.
The HulloMail iPhone app will be the next to include the new Facebook Share feature – details will be announced soon.
To download HulloMail’s free Android app, version 3.0, and get sharing visit The Android Market on your mobile phone and search for HulloMail.