Friday, 24 April 2009

My iPhone doesn't ring - keeps going to voicemail!?

Called O2 customer support.
I asked "My callers keep being diverted to voicemail. My phone does not ring even with all bars? I've even called it at my desk and can repeat the problem. I don't even see the missed call come up - what is going on?"
O2 " Yes sir we are aware of the problem. Do you use YouTube or browse the web much? do you use email push? do you use email polling?"
" Well yes but not all the time- what does that have to do with it, that's data and my calls are over normal voice circuit swtich - no?"
O2 " Well actually no sir - the iPhone can't handle a voice call and a GPRS connection at the same time"
o2 "Yes Apple and O2 are aware of it and we are working on it. Actually you really need a good voicemail service so you dont miss any calls"
"You are kidding right?!??!??! What about 3G?"
o2 "That's a third party. We recomend you set up voicemail"
"Your voicemail does not support missed calls when my callers dont even leave a voicemail - so how do I know when I've missed a call in this scenario?"
o2 "ehm.. i'll make a note of that!"

This has to be a herring rouge?

I don't want to use this to plug HulloMail - but seriously if you have an iPhone on o2 and you dont want to miss a call well you know where we are!"

Monday, 20 April 2009

BlackBerry Anthem

The only thing I love as much as mobile phones is “UK Funky” and the amazing dance routines that go with the songs. I really happy to see my worlds collide with the BlackBerry Anthem.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Don't be evil

The whole internet appears to be ridiculing the Milton Keynes residents who blocked the driver of a Google Street View car when he started taking photographs of their homes.

American commentators found it ironic that we are were concerned about Google invading our privacy when we fall under the gaze of CCTV more frequently than any other nation.

Some people have more faith in Google than they have in elected and accountable government, which is odd considering Google’s track record. Let’s not even talk about their complicity in suppression of free expression in China or their cookie policy. To many people the internet is Google: Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Reader, Docs and now Maps. Maybe Google’s too powerful and needs to be broken up – who’s watching Google?

Thursday, 2 April 2009

In depth reporting of the G20 summit by the BBC....

The BBC's reporting of the G20 summit is a must read to understand the economic crisis.

The BBC wants to know - Is Gordon Brown the biggest winner of the G20 summit? He must be because he still has a job after it all went wrong - on his watch.

The BBC wants you to know that the G20 family photo had to be taken twice and moreover the BBC has a G20 spouses quiz! I am speechless.

Surely the material available as a result of the economic mess we are in is a reporting goldmine...One only has to scan some of the facts:

According to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) the 2008 Monitored Derivatives is valued at $680Trillion. Compare this to the 2008 World Capital base of $53.5Trillion, our planet is 12 times over its head.

Note, if you're lucky, your mortgage lender will lend you three times your salary. Get this, the BIS figure above is an estimate. No one truly knows the planets exposure and we now have evidence no one wants to address the underlying issue. Surely if you are over your head you need to know exactly by how much before you spend any more money on the problem? For all we know we could be dousing the fire. There has to be a story in here somewhere?

My view is the summit is a clear example that we don't have the right people running or reporting the planet nowadays....