Friday, 24 April 2009

My iPhone doesn't ring - keeps going to voicemail!?

Called O2 customer support.
I asked "My callers keep being diverted to voicemail. My phone does not ring even with all bars? I've even called it at my desk and can repeat the problem. I don't even see the missed call come up - what is going on?"
O2 " Yes sir we are aware of the problem. Do you use YouTube or browse the web much? do you use email push? do you use email polling?"
" Well yes but not all the time- what does that have to do with it, that's data and my calls are over normal voice circuit swtich - no?"
O2 " Well actually no sir - the iPhone can't handle a voice call and a GPRS connection at the same time"
o2 "Yes Apple and O2 are aware of it and we are working on it. Actually you really need a good voicemail service so you dont miss any calls"
"You are kidding right?!??!??! What about 3G?"
o2 "That's a third party. We recomend you set up voicemail"
"Your voicemail does not support missed calls when my callers dont even leave a voicemail - so how do I know when I've missed a call in this scenario?"
o2 "ehm.. i'll make a note of that!"

This has to be a herring rouge?

I don't want to use this to plug HulloMail - but seriously if you have an iPhone on o2 and you dont want to miss a call well you know where we are!"


beautifuljkc said...

i have the same problems just looking up fixes & found this... havent tried it yet. but looks like it is a 2.1 upgrade issue.

either of the 2 options.

1. Create new administrator on computer with admin privileges, log in as this user and then do a restore.

2. Go to your User>Library>Application Support>Mobile Sync>Backups. There you will find your backups. Remove ALL of these backups. There can't be any backups left, then restart itunes.

joanne said...

I just had the same problem and started 'googling' to find out what was wrong. Before you try anything complicated, find the 'silent' switch on the left side of the phone. I just went to the Apple store and discovered this. Feel greatly relieved.

Mark said...

Well, DUH!!, Joanne. Everyone should know about the switch to silent mode button. It is in your handbook after all! You should've read it.