Wednesday, 6 May 2009

We love the new Vodafone HTC Magic

Today I took delivery of the new Android mobile phone, the HTC Magic, available from Vodafone in the UK. The phone comes with the latest Android OS - 1.5.

It's a very nice phone! Great design, thin and light - it feels and looks high-end. Although I'm a diehard iPhone user, I'm also a diehard Android fan. The combination of the HTC Magic and Android is a tempting package that could lure me away from my iPhone. It would probably succeed if the email client was on a par with the iPhone's.

PS - The phone does not like "+" in a USSD code. If you are setting diverts using USSD and using international number format (which is how you should do it) then replace the + with 00 in the UK.

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