Saturday, 4 July 2009

"My voicemail's mine to keep!"

Meet Travis, from Cincinnati, OH - our first US subscriber. We asked him a few questions about Android and HulloMail.

Why are you an Android user?
I love that it’s an open source project. It attracts a giving community.

Android's powered by Google. Most of my apps are neatly integrated and safely backed up by them.

What are the best apps?
Locale, Shazam, TuneWiki, Twidroid and, of course, HulloMail.

Why did you switch to HulloMail?
My previous voicemail solution, PhoneFusion, relied on SMS for voicemail alerts. I have a limited SMS plan. It sucked that I had to waste a SMS every time I got a voicemail. I am glad to see there are lots of other advantages to HulloMail too.

What are your favourite?
Voicemail goes immediately to my email inbox - it's awesome! With my previous solution, there was like a 50mb limit and the messages lived on their server. With HulloMail my voicemail's mine to keep!

I also like the flexibility of HulloMail. I don't have to use the app to access my messages because I can check my email for them.

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