Tuesday, 8 June 2010

HulloMail urges football fans not to return home to an own goal!

Travelling to World Cup in South Africa?  HulloMail offers you an alternative way of keeping in touch while away, for FREE!
With UK-based watchdog, Consumer Focus, issuing a warning to football fans travelling to the 2010 World Cup regarding potentially huge bills for mobile phone usage, HulloMail™ (www.hullomail.com) is encouraging individuals to download its free smart voicemail app in advance, in order to access voicemails and send voice messages home, at no cost.
Users of HulloMail can give friends and family their personal HulloMail UK number allowing them to leave voice messages without calling them directly. Travelling fans can then listen to messages using the HulloMail mobile app whilst roaming in a free WiFi location and can quickly and easily reply using a ‘Hullo’, which is a short, instant voice message.
The Consumer Focus watchdog found that rates for making calls from South Africa were as high as £1.70 per minute, whilst the worst culprit was for receiving calls, charging £1.50 per minute.
Andy Munarriz, our founder and CEO,said: “It would be a real own goal to return from the World Cup to find a hefty mobile phone bill waiting for you. It makes sense for fans to access our free HulloMail smart voicemail app. They can give contacts their unique HulloMail number so voice messages can be left for them, saving expensive roaming costs. Messages can then be retrieved simply via the app, online, or by email; it’s up to the fan which they prefer.  Fans can also send a Hullo, short voice message, to their mates watching back home for free, using a free WiFi hotspot.”
Until recently free WiFi has not been the norm in South Africa, however, many shopping centres and leisure complexes in the host cities are providing free WiFi for the duration of the tournament: http://bit.ly/freewifiza