Wednesday, 25 March 2009

HulloMail in Smartphone & PDA Essentials Magazine

After initially having to be dragged kicking and screaming on to Twitter, I've fully submitted and I can't tear myself away. I get itchy for Twitter news when I'm unable to check it and envy users in the US where it works slightly differently - the updates get sent to their phones via SMS and they text back their replies. How great is that?

I'm all for converging technologies - my phone is also my camera, my laptop doubles up as my music player, and I can check my email from my games console. In the same way, HulloMail puts my mobile voicemail messages into my email inbox where I can download them to my hard drive or forward them to my friends.

For more on the brilliance of HulloMail check out the latest issue of Smartphone & PDA Essentials. It includes an interview with our CEO, Andy Murrariz. The article also looks in detail at the drawbacks of the old archaic operator voicemail systems and explores the ways in which HulloMail can unlock voicemail's potential.

Run down to your newsagent and take a peek.

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