Thursday, 22 July 2010

Holiday checklist: Sunscreen? Flip-Flops? Beach towel? HulloMail?

Following a survey from Post Office Travel Money which identified that hefty charges for using mobile phones abroad topped the list of "holiday rip-offs", HulloMail is offering holidaymakers a way to avoid such charges when jetting abroad for a break.  By downloading HulloMail’s free smart voicemail app in advance, it enables travellers to keep in contact with friends and family back home, at no cost. 
Before leaving the UK, users of HulloMail provide their contacts with a personal HulloMail UK number, which allows voice messages to be left without the need for calling them directly. Holidaymakers can then listen to messages using the HulloMail mobile app whilst roaming in a free WiFi location and can easily reply using a ‘Hullo’, which is a short voice message.  If friends and family are also HulloMail users they can also send Hullos directly to each other’s devices. 
When jetting off on holiday, you want peace of mind that you can make contact with friends and relatives back home, without racking up a huge phone bill.  HulloMail therefore recommends that before embarking on a break, holidaymakers download the free HulloMail smart voicemail and voice messaging app so messages can be sent and received, without incurring any charges. By accessing messages using a free WiFi spot either via the app or via your email, you can avoid unnecessary costs yet still update everyone back home on what a great time you are having by the pool!
Have a good summer everyone.